I was born on South Henderson in Fort Worth, Texas.

Harry Truman was president.

I don't remember seeing any microwave ovens.

When I was one year, one month, one day, one hour and one minute old, I moved to Midland, Texas.

I got settled in a house on South Baird Sreet, then sent for Mom and Dad and Mary Ann.

When I was 3.87 years of age, I moved to South Big Spring Street.

We played with Tarantulas. There were always plenty of them around.

Billy Conner shot me with a BB gun. The BB went through my left cheek and landed on my tongue. I took it out of my mouth and handed it to him, and then went to show my mother the hole in my cheek.

Our phone number there was 44678. Prefixes were added later and the phone number became MU (Mutual) 44678. (684-4678).

The west side of town was assigned "Oxford" as the prefix. (69).

In 1950 we moved to West Michigan Ave.

We had a dog. Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi didn't like anybody. She liked my mother least.

Chi-Chi died.

Then we had a Beagle, Cleo.

Cleo pulled the wash off the clothesline and we had to get rid of her.

That's about it. The rest of my life isn't very important.

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